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At Molecular Axiom, we believe in harnessing the knowledge of disease and the precision of nucleic acid medicine to solve complex health issues. A broad and deep understanding of biology will allow the best selection of therapeutic targets, or a combination therapy. Extensive expertise in various nucleic medicine mechanisms and delivery strategies allow us to create the best nucleic acid drug formats and the most effective delivery routes to treat the diseases.

Disease Biology

Targets & Combinations

Drug Delivery

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Efficient Vehicles

Drug Biology

Suitable Formats &

Current Pipeline

  • Multiple USPTO patents filed
  • Multiple projects going into animal studies, to enter IND enabling by year end
Tissue Target Modality Indication Discovery Lead
Phase 1
Lung SOS 1 RNase H Lung Cancer 26      
KRAS G12C RNase H Lung Cancer 37      
KRAS G12D RNase H Lung Cancer 26      
KRAS G12V RNase H Lung Cancer 37      
KRAS G12A RNase H Lung Cancer 26      
Undisclosed RNase H Lung Cancer 26      
Undisclosed mRNA Lung Cancer 26      
CNS NLRP3/1 RNase H Neurodegenerative 37      
Undisclosed RNase H Neurodegenerative 13      
Skin Undisclosed RNase H Immunology 37      
Blood Undisclosed Undisclosed Immunology 13      
Undisclosed Undisclosed Cancer 13      
Patents Filed Development Candidate Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington, ALS, brain and spinal cord injuries

Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP):

Our proprietary Boundless-LNP® delivery platform is currently under development. Compared to the current generation of LNPs, our Boundless-LNP® is designed to deliver not only enhanced safety, pharmacokinetics, and endosomal release, but most importantly the ability to target various tissues and cell types, which will greatly broaden the therapeutic reach of nucleic acid medicines as a whole.